Mail Solutions


We can polywrap direct mail publications into clear or printed Polythene film and then prepare them for distribution with any provider.

We have some of the most advanced polythene lines available, all of which are fully automated and produce a high volume of up to 750,000 quality wraps per day!

We have been accredited with BS EN ISO 14001. It’s our part in helping the planet.

Our friendly sales team can arrange for bespoke quotes for printed polythene on your mailings.

Envelope Enclosing

Our highly advanced machinery can insert documents, brochures and magazines into envelopes.

All of our enclosing machines have manual and automated feed detection, safety systems and can inkjet directly onto envelopes for maximum efficiency and cost, so much so that we can enclose 650,000 envelopes a day!

Our CMC 250 machines can insert up to 6 items with a maximum thickness of 6mm. It has a high speed stacker system which automatically stacks your mail into the correct postal areas and ensures that nothing is missing with our full double detection/missing rejection system.


Our Flat Sheet High Speed Laser Printers have the capability of laser printing up to 480,000 sheets per day and with our custom built PCL spooling software, it will be perfect every time.

We can laser print any of the following sizes/weights of paper:

  • SRA3 – A6 (and all sizes in between)
  • 70gsm – 300gsm (and all weights in between)

We have some of the most versatile and flexible equipment available, allowing us to laser print your material on both sides in one pass for maximum efficiency and cost.

PDF data proofing of live laser documents makes the whole system extremely robust and streamlined.


Whether you want us to personalise an envelope with a  Mailmark barcode or OCR or simply inkjet a magazine so it can be sent naked into the postal network, we have the right solution for you.

We can print directly onto envelopes, promotional material and magazines with our versatile solvent and water based ink solutions. Our equipment is fully automated and suitable for high volume to provide reliable prompt fulfilment. We can Ink Jet over 1 million items a day.

We operate 4 high specification Video Jets, a solvent based inkjet with continuous print in a 2 inch drop area. These can be used inline or offline and print to a quality of 275dpi.

Our standard video jet will come in the COURIER BASIC font, but we can now print with any true-type font. In order to keep up our quality standards, it was important to us that our inkjet quality is the best possible.

We can now print a range of graphics, PPI’s, barcodes and text in any true-type font straight onto your mailer, making it easier for you to decide on postage methods and text to personalise your mail.