Royal Mail or Downstream Access (DSA)

We are pleased to use both Royal Mail and DSA as a complete solution to getting your mail through letterboxes of your customers.

With a wide choice of postal providers, we will help you choose the most cost effective and efficient one for you.

There are several DSA providers to choose from:

  • Citipost
  • Secured Mail
  • Whistl
  • UK Mail
  • And More!

International Mailings

We can deal directly with international postal providers on your behalf, so you save time & money.

We can provide you with a fast, reliable and cost effective international mailing service.

We can consolidate priority international mail and process and dispatch your post within 24 – 48 hours. We also ensure that the correct PPI (postal mark) is attached for maximum postage savings.

We use Royal Mail International services as standard postage for all international mail dispatched for our customers but we are flexible and can use other carriers by prior arrangement.

Our services include:

  • International Sorted Services
  • Priority, Standard and Economy Mail
  • Direct Injection

We also ensure maximum results by providing and helping you with the detailed requirements stipulated by each foreign postal authority for correct formatting and addressing.