The production facility is well equipped to handle jobs from 10 to 10,000,000 +.  

All production practices have been made to be as efficient and effective as possible.

From laser printing to inserting multiple items into a pack, we have the skills and knowledge to produce high quality mailings.

Technology plays a very big part in our production, for example, each pallet we receive is booked, logged and given a unique barcode for usage and traceability purposes, then a sample of the item is photographed and recorded on our system.

Thanks to our smart set up processes, each pallet will be scanned at the machine to ensure the item is correct, this is particularly helpful when mailings have multiple codes.

All customers are also able to view & track their mailing live via our portal, for more information on The Portal, click here.

See what we can do in just ONE day:


Packs wrapped


Packs enclosed


Magazines inkjetted


A4 sheets lasered

Helping the planet

From July 2019, we introduced standard “Recycle me” logos to our poly stock.

We wanted to be able to offer a smart simplistic and hopefully effective solution to ever growing doubt surrounding the use of polythene.

From this, we now include a standard simple recycle me logos on our poly stocks:

Standard Clear Wrap

Clear Plant Wrap

Clear Recycled Waste Wrap

The logo runs along the back of the packs and along the centre seal on a 200mm repeat. Our aim is to aid the end user identify the plastic and its recyclability and green credentials where recycled waste is used.

We offer a wide range of wrap options. Below is a quick reference to the typical postage service.

Check your local recycling facilities

Local Recycling

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Check out our opening times over the festive period.


Check out our opening times over the festive period.


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