Getting your mail to your customer can be a nightmare and often very confusing.Do you know what a direct or residue is?  High sort or low sort?  Naked or wrapped?Don’t worry! we do, and we make it our business to help save you on getting your product to your customers via the most cost-effective service, saving you £000’s..

We offer a very competitive postage service to all our customers.

Over the years, we have created great working relationships with all major carriers including Royal Mail.We’re here to assist you with the regulations around postage and artwork design.

The world of postage is always evolving and changing, that’s why we are present on the Strategic Mailing Partnership, working closely with Royal Mail.

Tray & Save

Did you know most mail can now achieve an excellent discount by simply traying the product?

Traying works for everyone, you save money, production is faster, trays are preferred presentation.

The only thing our customer needs to do is let us know and we will take care of the rest.

Switch and save!

International Mail

We mail all over the globe, easily organising your mail to be produced here at TMS UK to land on Uncle Bob’s doorstep in the Bahamas.

Our team have the knowledge to advise on how the mail would need to be presented according to strict international mail regulations and which PPI (mail stamp) would need to be used.